Yabba Dabba Doo !

What irks Wilma on a Saturday night ?


Found so many old books with so many memories ! I remember seeing a tee with this image but had forgotten all about drawing it . This blast from Bedrock brought back such lovely memories of watching cartoon network and the theme song 🙂



24 thoughts on “Yabba Dabba Doo !

  1. Thehungryballer

    This brought back memories of those awesome Flinstones and jetsons, dexter, scooby, Cap Planet and what not !!!!!

    *sigh* R.I.P Cartoon Network 😦

    P.S. Much thanks for sharing this image (which by the way is perfectly made !)

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      1. Thehungryballer

        I know I’ve been inactive long but things are a bit underwhelming these days. Plus I’ve moved out and managing a blog without a laptop or PC is tough.

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      2. Thehungryballer

        Hyderabad… temporarily (I joined as a volunteer in Make-a-wish foundation ) – I always wanted to work in something like this plus experience any bit of South India – so here I am !

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      3. That’s such a wonderful bit of news. God bless you and may you find satisfaction in your new vocation . I hope you are enjoying your stint in Hyderabad and have had your share of biryani already 🙂

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