Dip it in chocolate…..

….it will be fine !

Nothing naughty I promise ,just a tempting twist to the good old Marie biscuit. So , a quiet afternoon at home , nothing to do and in the mood to try something new , I found my favourite biscuits in a box , some dark chocolate and a lovely idea online. It will be a while before I can have a bite of anything chocolaty , but I think the family doesn’t need to abstain , so this is for them 🙂 Nee, I wish I could send you some .

Two hundred grams of dark compound chocolate
Ten marie biscuits
Chocolate out of the micro in one minute ….make sure there are no lumps
Dip each biscuit in chocolate ( use a fork to let the excess chocolate drip ) and top it the way you like

Place each dipped biscuit on foil or butter paper and decorate as you like . I used almond shavings , edible glitter and sprinkles. Pop them in the fridge for about half an hour and they are ready ! Cut the extra chocolate around the rim and voila !


Ready  , not so neat but they won’t mind !



16 thoughts on “Dip it in chocolate…..

      1. Basic flavoured ones…..melt dark chocolate, add the essence of your choice (only oil based essence work for chocolates), orange, coffee or mint etc. Pour it into moulds. Into the fridge it goes for 10 mins. Pop them out and they are ready. Just check out a couple of videos on youtube. They will give you plenty of ideas 🙂

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