The city of joy through my lens

The yellow taxis , the howrah bridge , a cemetery that is a heritage site , the food , the sweets …I fell in love with everything about Kolkata. I have too many folders , each with too many pictures of this wonderful and lovely city . Since I am too lazy for detailed posts right now , I thought I’d share a few pictures that made me jump for joy ( read yellow taxi and super yummy food ).  Chalo Kolkata….

I love all things yellow….and this was love at first sight
On Howrah bridge
St Paul’s Cathedral – loved the frescos and the organ inside ( no photography allowed inside)




Rabindranath Sethu
Victoria Memorial
Tram rides are fun !
Mullick flower market – a refreshing morning walk option

…and finally the South Park Cemetery , a heritage site with 1600 graves and tombs of varied shapes and sizes .




This one looked like a letter box

That’s all for now . I will do a post on the goodies that I gobbled up …hopefully this weekend.  Have a nice week . Am off for a few days now 🙂


25 thoughts on “The city of joy through my lens

  1. Nice captures. Hope these were taken during your recent visit to Kolkata. A minor correction to avoid confusion : The old Howrah Bridge (1st & 3rd. pic) is named after Poet Rabindranath Tagore as “Rabindra Setu” and the Second & New Bridge (5th pic) is named as “Vidyasagar Setu”. However, popularly people refer as Howrah Bridge and New Howrah Bridge.

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    1. Hi Anil . Yes , these were taken in June . Thank you so much for pointing that out and for explaining that to me . The taxi driver did try explaining, but I guess I didn’t quite get it then . Thank you so much for reading through and taking the trouble . Will make the change when I log in onto the system . Loved the city !

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  2. These are great photos! I was in Kolkotta almost 10 years ago on my last and only trip around India. I will be revisiting India later this year and I look forward to revisiting this city and the many memories I still have of it. I remember Sudder Street and what a fascinating buzz of activity that street was!

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    1. I hope you have a wonderful trip . This was my first time there and I can’t wait to go back ! The city still retains an old world charm and there’s a lovely balance of pace and peace 🙂 Thank you for stopping by Nicholas.

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