Happiness is homemade cookies :)

I love nankhatais ! Eggless  and so easy to make , with just four ingredients , these Indian cookies are simply yum. As a child , when friends would come over during diwali with their plates of home made goodies ( the days when readymade sweets and fancy packaging was not cool) , my sister and I would look for chaklis and nankhatais and relish those more than anything else .


I have been baking these for over a year now and decided to bake some yesterday for the family . The microwave decided to trouble me and refused to go into convection mode and a sudden grunting sound felt like a warning that it wasn’t going to budge. So I had to go to mum’s and tried baking them there for the first time .


Unfamiliar with the settings and with no manual at hand , I baked just four at first , and when those turned out well , three dozen nankhatais were ready in no time. Happiness is baking cookies for those you love , even though you can’t have any !

http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/4353/nankhatai ( This is pretty similar to how I make them , if you wish to give it a go !)



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    1. Recipe Ingredients

      Plain Flour – 200 gms
      Ghee – 100 gms
      Granulated Sugar – 100 gms
      Green Cardamom – 5

      Melt the ghee and let it cool slightly. Powder the granulated sugar with the cardamom till it forms a fine powder.
      Beat the melted ghee with the powdered sugar mixture till a smooth mixture is formed. Add the plain flour and mix well till a soft dough is formed.
      Preheat the oven at 150°C. Shape the dough into 24 small balls and flatten them slightly. Place them on a flat baking tray. Use a knife and make an ‘x’ mark on the nankhatai.
      Bake them for 15 to 20 minutes till lightly brown. Remove and cool them on a cooling rack.

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    1. Hi thank you for stopping by . Talking about fiascos …I tried my hand at baking a sweet /spicy Indian cake called dhokla this afternoon , it was a mess 😦 But we can always try again, So here’s to more fiascos and more baking ….cheers !

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