Out of the shadows

Stepping out of the shroud of doubt

Out of the shadows of fear

Basking in hope’s golden rays

Where difficulties cannot dim joy

And burdens are eclipsed by strength

Beyond the veil of darkness

That familiar face looks different

As she embraces the light .

( Nothing that’s worth having comes easy …am only beginning to understand this . From ‘why me’ to ‘try me’ , it’s been a long arduous journey and am glad for angels along the way , some of whom I have met here on WP. Stay blessed 🙂 )


26 thoughts on “Out of the shadows

  1. Pri lovely write up there. And I now get it clearly. See positivity brings positive things into life. Say hundreds and thousands of Thankyou for everything angels and god have blessed you with. This will double up everything and you will be filled with only happiness. All the best dear for this same journey of every women. Enjoy it. Hugs your way to say God loves you.

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      1. Sure I am doing it already. Take good care and relax. Don’t worry. Everything is going to happen perfect this time. Just smile and stay strong. Hugs and kisses to you and your peapod. 😘😘😘😘


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