Dip it in chocolate…..

….it will be fine !

Nothing naughty I promise ,just a tempting twist to the good old Marie biscuit. So , a quiet afternoon at home , nothing to do and in the mood to try something new , I found my favourite biscuits in a box , some dark chocolate and a lovely idea online. It will be a while before I can have a bite of anything chocolaty , but I think the family doesn’t need to abstain , so this is for them 🙂 Nee, I wish I could send you some .

Two hundred grams of dark compound chocolate
Ten marie biscuits
Chocolate out of the micro in one minute ….make sure there are no lumps
Dip each biscuit in chocolate ( use a fork to let the excess chocolate drip ) and top it the way you like

Place each dipped biscuit on foil or butter paper and decorate as you like . I used almond shavings , edible glitter and sprinkles. Pop them in the fridge for about half an hour and they are ready ! Cut the extra chocolate around the rim and voila !


Ready  , not so neat but they won’t mind !



Fish , rolls and Chinese breakfast at Tiretta Bazar

When I left Kolkata , I scribbled in my diary – BEST FOOD EVER ! It’s true, I enjoyed the variety and deliciousness of what Kolkta offers .

A Goan takes pride in homemade fish curry – coconut  , loads of red chillies and the freshness of the fish itself and ofcourse the Goan fish fry (read recheado masala ) . I was surprised to taste the fish preparations in Kolkata – so different from what I have been used to at home , yet so super yummy . The mustard paste with fish is a unique combination and left me wanting more and more and more .

Bhetki Macher Paturi ( smeared in mustard paste , fresh fish steamed in banana leaf – yum and healthy !)


When you are used to red pastes , this is not an ideal surprise to get , however , setting aside my initial fears, I tasted just a little at first , and I knew I’d be eating more of this . Reminded me of patra ni macchi ( big fan of Parsi food :).

Ilish Barishali – Hilsa and mustard = Burst of flavours !

The restaurant staff at Bhojohori Manna was extremely helpful and suggested I try this one. The hilsa , the mustard , coconut and other magical spices work so beautifully . What a curry !

A not so healthy fishy option – delicious fish kabiraji

Fish wrapped in a lacy egg net and deep fried ! How can this not be heavenly ? There are times when one wishes to indugle and this was my pick.

Wandering around , I chanced upon an old restaurant ( est. 1932) called Nizam’s . Something about the energy of the place  made me walk in. Finding a table was not easy , this place is busy and I was wondering why . So while I waited , a quick online search told me this is the birthplace of the popular Indian street snack ‘kati roll’ A skewered kebab wrapped in a paratha and this is where it had all begun . Wow ! I was at a legendary place without even knowing it ! The food Gods must love me !! I tried the chicken kati roll and OMG , this place rocks !

I should have clicked one with some chicken chunks showing ..but when the food is so yum , you eat and don’t stop . Kati rolls to die for !

A small messy lane comes alive early in the morning and I was there by seven ( unusually early hour to be ready for breakfast on a holiday ).  The Chinese community keeps tradiiton alive and serves some wholesome breakfast at Tiretta bazar. Fish soup ..hmmm….fishy but I gave it a go !


Fish balls cooked in stock and served piping hot … …winner all the way 1
Fried Chinese bread sticks ! Sweet and I loved watching them being made .
Steamed fish and chicken balls – too salty and I didn’t quite like what I tasted .
Chicken momos ! No pork momos on the menu that day …bad luck

There’s more to come …. a traditional meal at Kepwies , bandel cheese and the fabulous variety of sweets. I hope you share your thoughts .

Have a lovely weekend all !

The city of joy through my lens

The yellow taxis , the howrah bridge , a cemetery that is a heritage site , the food , the sweets …I fell in love with everything about Kolkata. I have too many folders , each with too many pictures of this wonderful and lovely city . Since I am too lazy for detailed posts right now , I thought I’d share a few pictures that made me jump for joy ( read yellow taxi and super yummy food ).  Chalo Kolkata….

I love all things yellow….and this was love at first sight
On Howrah bridge
St Paul’s Cathedral – loved the frescos and the organ inside ( no photography allowed inside)




Rabindranath Sethu
Victoria Memorial
Tram rides are fun !
Mullick flower market – a refreshing morning walk option

…and finally the South Park Cemetery , a heritage site with 1600 graves and tombs of varied shapes and sizes .




This one looked like a letter box

That’s all for now . I will do a post on the goodies that I gobbled up …hopefully this weekend.  Have a nice week . Am off for a few days now 🙂

Happiness is homemade cookies :)

I love nankhatais ! Eggless  and so easy to make , with just four ingredients , these Indian cookies are simply yum. As a child , when friends would come over during diwali with their plates of home made goodies ( the days when readymade sweets and fancy packaging was not cool) , my sister and I would look for chaklis and nankhatais and relish those more than anything else .


I have been baking these for over a year now and decided to bake some yesterday for the family . The microwave decided to trouble me and refused to go into convection mode and a sudden grunting sound felt like a warning that it wasn’t going to budge. So I had to go to mum’s and tried baking them there for the first time .


Unfamiliar with the settings and with no manual at hand , I baked just four at first , and when those turned out well , three dozen nankhatais were ready in no time. Happiness is baking cookies for those you love , even though you can’t have any !

http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/4353/nankhatai ( This is pretty similar to how I make them , if you wish to give it a go !)


Out of the shadows

Stepping out of the shroud of doubt

Out of the shadows of fear

Basking in hope’s golden rays

Where difficulties cannot dim joy

And burdens are eclipsed by strength

Beyond the veil of darkness

That familiar face looks different

As she embraces the light .

( Nothing that’s worth having comes easy …am only beginning to understand this . From ‘why me’ to ‘try me’ , it’s been a long arduous journey and am glad for angels along the way , some of whom I have met here on WP. Stay blessed 🙂 )