Bright and Beautiful in the City of Joy


A quiet afternoon in the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden in Kolkata didn’t seem like a good idea at first , but there I was in front of the garden.With no plan for the day, I decided to take a quick walk. The auto driver did mention ‘the great banyan tree’ , supposedly one of the largest in the world , with a circumference of about 350 metres! What was intended to be a hurried visit, turned out to be a leisurely amble and an afternoon of all things bright and beautiful ! Not on the regular tourism circuit , but definitely worth a visit for nature lovers.





Take off


One of the many lakes


The Great Banyan Tree from a distance
Roots and Trunks – A closer look
Paddle and pose !



49 thoughts on “Bright and Beautiful in the City of Joy

    1. R, I wish you could see the Cheshire cat smile on my face right now 😸😸😸😸😸
      This comment means sooooo much to me . This has been a tough year , taking a break from work and channeling my energies some place else , nature seems to be the best place for some repose whenever I have needed it . Thanks a ton and more for making my day and making me feel more confident ! Love and hugs ☺

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      1. P, those comments were genuine feedback. Seriously you have a good sense of detail. I am glad that you are using your break to explore new hidden talents. Maybe a short course in photography will help you learn the finer nuances. Be at it P. You are really good dear. Lots of luv 😘

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  1. Pri you know when we had been to capetown we had gone to a botanical garden and we got bored. I can see the beauty in your pictures. Those look real beauties. The walk and heat made it not admirable and I am not a photographer. Hehe. You have the eye for nature. Photographers eye. 👍🏼 enjoy clicking and do share them here my dear.


    1. Hehe heh ……..Ash … mood ! BUMPY Times !!!! ( surprise surprise ..hush ) am in another world …….still sinking in the miracle:) will be off for a while . Send me loadsa warmth and love 🙂


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