Aravali Vatika : Flowers Bloom in Udaipur


I wish I knew what this is called






Happiness is finding colourful surprises when they are least expected !


62 thoughts on “Aravali Vatika : Flowers Bloom in Udaipur

      1. If you are not on flickr’s group “catchy colours” already, it might be an idea to put your first photo on your photos page (title like “A … blossoming in Udaipur?) into catchy colours. They would absolutely love it.


      1. maureenrose7

        i think cat tail flowers are same thing as cat o nine tails they grow in ponds or in wetland super tall stalks and really skinny leaves. im still looking too hahahaa i cant even help myself i love flowers and im curious to know what they are called too!

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      2. maureenrose7

        i thought it was odd when i searched cat tail that cat o nine tail would come up ive never heard them called just cat tails! Yay! mystery solved! hahahaa!

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      3. maureenrose7

        hahaha! yes it was fun! and how funny as soon as i saw it i thought is that a foxtail nah those leaves are too big and dont you know that is another name for them! sheesh they make it confusing sometimes so many names! thanks for the fun though what a nice break in the day! 😀

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