Kacchi Ghodi and Katputli : Of horses and puppets

Dummy horse prop used in the Kachhi Ghodi Dance

The Kachhi Ghodi dance is performed by men using a dummy horse . Whirling to the beats of a dholak , while the singer sings tales of valour , the dancers are a treat to watch.






Making stories come alive with vibrant puppets , the Katputli dance is traditionally performed by puppeteers behind a screen , who make string puppets (katputli) dance and move to the musical narratives of legendary stories.DSC_0646.JPG


In the performance that I saw , the puppeteer stood in front of the audience ,  giving us an opportunity to observe the skill of the otherwise unnoticed man behind the scenes.

With this post , the series on performances from Udaipur comes to an end . I hope you enjoyed them .


16 thoughts on “Kacchi Ghodi and Katputli : Of horses and puppets

    1. Hi Vishal , I was so excited with the puppetry . I had to tried ot get a glimpse once too , in Aurangabad I think , but the crowd got to me and I backed out. I hope you get to see this soon. Have a nice day 🙂


      1. Hopefully so. I need to kick my lazy bum and make a super good cv so that I can be back to India for work. Don’t wanna come just like that and scan for work, with housing being an issue. Hehe!!!! Have a nice day, too!

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