Balancing acts : Bhavai and Chari

The courtyard in Bagore ki haveli , Udaipur comes alive every evening. I think there were 5 different folk dances that I saw , but the one that I loved most was the final performance , the Bhavai . Each time a pot was placed on the head of the very skilled and graceful dancer , the crowd sighed in disbelief.

The Bhavai perfomer begins with balancing two pots
The skill !

The tricky balancing is not just restricted to the pitchers on the head. Infact , just when you think it couldn’t get more difficult , the dancer balances herself on the rim of a thali ( brass plate) and on broken pieces of glass! What a fine display of elegance , focus and nimbleness !

Balancing on the rim of a thali
Dancing on pieces of glass
The finale – 11 pots  !!!

Another folk dance involving the art of balancing is the Chari dance , where women carry brass pots (chari) on their heads with lighted lamps in it. The women swirling on their knees , completely at ease with flaming pots on their heads is indeed a sight to behold !

A Chari performer


With ease



31 thoughts on “Balancing acts : Bhavai and Chari

    1. You said it ! The ire in me when people walked out as performances were in swing !!!! No respect for our own tradition and artists , it is a pity . These artists are simply superb ….there’s brilliance and then above that there’s them !!!

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  1. 11 pots! aha.. 🙂 reminded me of kuchipudi performances on the brass plates
    A group of my friends performed the chari dance as part of dance competitions one particular year, and always won first. Every time that fire was on their heads, our hearts skipped a beat.. the practice sessions were something..

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      1. Kuchipudi is something. Though they dont play with fire, their balancing act is pretty breathtaking. A friend of mine once spilled the water from her brass pot, kudoa to her presence of mind, she made that into a step threw more water … 😉

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