Guilt-free !

Once in a while a little indulgence makes life sweeter. Rice and hot chocolate ( literal ofcourse, and metpahors too ) are my weaknesses. I give in to the little tempting voice in my head and then the tiring guilt trip begins . I wish I could enjoy a slice of chocolate cake or may be some piping hot rice with chicken curry or may be both !!!! And all this Guilt-free !!! If only …



Am reminded of a younger me,  of the times syrupy kisses were stolen under the moonlight ..those wild , indulgent , guilt-free days in college !! Damn! Saw a picture today ( am going to liken it to the chocolate cake filled with ganache that I baked …see picture !) that made me want to binge again , just a little bit , but am wondering if it can be guilt-free ? Limbic lust !



36 thoughts on “Guilt-free !

      1. Seeing this all day I was craving for sweet and in the night I made आटे का शीरा, lack of practice, rather than turning light brown it became dark brown almost chocolate coloured, no one else dared to eat, Thankful to wifey, though burnt she shared a part of it. Ijjat rakh li meri 🙈

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  1. Phew! I had to read this now , and you had to write it down?! Am at office and it is raining chocolate and sweets today. I took a choclate after finishing 2 pieces of kaju katli , and was just thinking “Control Himadri , control”.

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  2. I agree about how one should actually control on rich food and other temptations however it is also true that we try to maintain our health for (basically) a long healthy life but what is the point of life when not indulge in harmless cravings as that of chocolate. No matter how long we live then, and no matter how healthy it is, we are not really _living_

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      1. I am really glad that you are more open to temptations for now. Guilt is the feeling which should follow after a sin, remaining in a state of indulgence is a sin, becoming indulgent for a tiny fraction of time and coming back to the normal course is not. Maybe if u think this way, u will _live life_ more often and feel guilty less often. Cheers. 😀

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  3. If only….I could join you and enjoy the delicious yumm cake and rice and chicken curry…😍you have me sluurrpppping at 2.30 in the morning..😋😋😋🙈🙈🙈🙈isn’t that the cake you baked your dad???

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