Blossoms and blur @ Kalimpong

Buds , blossoms and blur
Pink Carpet
Katherine Graham Memorial Chapel
A closer look

The local election results were to be announced that afternoon .Oblivious to the fact that Kalimpong would be shut down and there’d be paramilitary forces stationed almost everyhwere to prevent political clashes , we  left Darjeeling on a rainy day to reach this beautiful hill station in West Bengal.

We headed straight to Dr Graham’s Homes .Started by a missionary Rev. Dr J A Graham more than a century ago,  it has grown from humble beginnings to a miniature town for children. The walk up the slope to the complex was magical. Drizzle , mist and pink wild flowers that shone among the blades of grass. Fairyland must look like that !



41 thoughts on “Blossoms and blur @ Kalimpong

      1. I was just thinking of telling scottie to beam me there 🙂 such a lovely scene, everything in it.. the building, the mist the trees the flower and you behind the camera 🙂 we should go on a trip sometime and take photos..

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    1. I agree , A 🙂
      Quick questions – I subscribed last night , it asked for a log in and email ID but in didn’t receive any mail confirming subscription , so have I done something wrong ?
      I did like a couple of your videos , did it show ?

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      1. yes I noticed the increase in number of likes. I don’t know if youtube lets you see the likers identity… and for subscribing you need a gmail account. the last time we talked you only had a Hotmail one. that might be a problem. but you can create a gmail account anytime, it is an easy process.

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  1. Lalitha

    This magical place is on my wishlist…when I finally manage to head back to Darjeeling. Those tea gardens await me since 1988! Absolutely lovely photographs!

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    1. I visited Kalimpong on the day they had the election results announced there . It was a bandh due to some expected trouble and the plus side was having the place to ourselves 🙂 No one ventured out that day so it was truly paradise ! Darjeelling was a bummer in terms of the tea gardens . Munnar is beyond words . I call it my own version of the Emerald City of Oz .

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