For a friend

A few months ago I chanced upon a wonderful blogger Amit Rahman who soon became a friend whom I call A:) Apart from being brilliant at what he does , I was amazed by his humility and the person that he is . A , you know I have learnt so much from you and you are one of the two bloggers on WP whose work I absolutely admire and adore. I wish you luck in your new endeavour and I know you’ll continue to inspire . Love and Prayers , P.

For those who’d  like to take a look here’s Amit’s youtube channel


Dedicated to thatmishmash

An angel you are too, I have no doubt
with divine wings! Well, clipped perhaps if I
submit to what you say and I would have,
had I not known, the wings of an angel
always heal and regenerate with time!

See, how your words make others tread the sky
on their ethereal wings, bolstered with hope
and a better reckoning in their eyes,
a grand feat worthy of angels alone,
who can bestow their wings to common minds!

And this too I know that you are a saint,
canonized by the spring of Helicon
for love and all yielding admissions, so I pray –
may the God of love let you be on His pageant!


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36 thoughts on “For a friend

      1. I posted another poem just now which was conceived while conversing with you… being a short one haven’t dedicated it though (my rule is it’s got to be 14 lines or more to be worthy of dedication 🙂

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