Homespun Hammocks

Where’s spidey?
With a floral canopy !

A new found fascination with silken wonders from spider spinnerets 🙂 These are from Darjeeling , just outside the window of my room.



50 thoughts on “Homespun Hammocks

      1. ranakpur, kumbalgarh are a must. jaisamand lake. make sure the lake is lake Pichola and none other. i would recommend jagat Niwas and kankanwara haveli. See the sound and light show in the City palace.

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      2. Jagat Niwas I checked . Was too steep for my budget . This trip is on a shoestring budget 🙂 Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh were on my list .
        Chittorgarh ….was something I was looking to see. Is it possible – one day excursion?
        Thank you soooo much for the tips and places 🙂

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      3. please do, will be a pleasure. Thumb rule for me, never pay in advance. but I am assuming you have broken that rule.Do see a small WWF office in the City palace, it was my office for one year when the place was in ruins.

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      4. Ahhhh ! You worked with WWF ?
        Sure will do. I book on an impulse , never backfired thus far but I think I could have saved a few bucks 😦
        Now my thumb rule , think of a trip ….harass Mukul …hahahha

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      5. the city palace museum is a must too . walking around the narrow streets and seeing the painters and other artisans is interesting. take a city walk to see old havelis, the vegetable market etc. they have retained the past beautifully.

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