In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous – Aristotle

This is one of my favourite quotes. Some nature walks have sprung pleasant surprises and filled me with awe. Sharing a few pictures. Have a happy weekend !

dragon fly
Fragile wings
Parrots in their hideout
Saw this outside my house in Goa last week , don’t know what it’s called.
This one has been a pleasant surprise in the garden of our housing society here in Bombay .Don’t know the name , but it looks lovely !






52 thoughts on “Marvel

    1. Hey Shahrukh, long time ! Sure will let you know if in get to finding out . I went to Lohagad a few months ago , posted about it too , but that was the dry winter so didn’t see anything blooming . When did you go ?


      1. Oh cool! Me Indian parents but brought up in Mauritius. Initially from UP side, spent major part of life in Mumbai and Pune, hence the obsession with both cities. Looking to settle permanently in Mumbai next year. Been to Goa for a week and love the Southern part, Palolem beach:)

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      2. Oh!! acha!! As you see Mauritius only good for holiday and honeymoon:) It’s quite lame the place…haha Mumbai life so manic and have loads of post written under Mumbai Musings. I have another one unpublished since I’ve been looking for a proper Bun maska aur chai pic on road stall which I can’t find. Just asked few friends!! Mumbai is crazy but can’t live without it.

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  1. Thehungryballer

    Let’s put aside the creative wordplay and beautiful poetry… really have a knack for photography too !!!
    As usual loved the pics 🙂
    Hope you are fine..

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      1. Thehungryballer

        Pri……..I didn’t disappear, was just secretly stalking the posts 😀 very busy times, exams, depression, health problems, etc ..but I’m fine now 🙂 Hope you’re doing fine too….
        P.S. My feed has started looking alive again since you returned from your break ! 🙂

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