Wax offerings at the Mount

The Mount Mary Basilica on a hillock in Bandra , Bombay , draws devotees from across the city and country ,and is one of the few places in the city where a few moments of tranquility can be found any time of the year , any time of the day or night .


The wax offerings sold outside the church have changed over time, human figures, wax limbs and simple wax house models used to be the main attractions in the years gone by ,  however , there’s plenty more on offer to offer now . A model of a school , court papers , wax passports and a special offering for aspiring television actors who come to the city of dreams to try their luck! What do you think?

One for your pet too !
A speedy passport request ? A prayer for a lost phone perhaps?
Ticket to Bollywood





39 thoughts on “Wax offerings at the Mount

      1. how come! the sun has woken up and shining here full on, the clouds may take over shift in a while I guess, sending some sunshine over once you are done relishing th pakora.. have some crispy onion ones for me

        much love

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  1. There are a few islands of peace left in our island city – Mount Mary being one of them, although right outside is mayhem!

    And scrolling down the comments, trust you to bring in food when posting about the holy! Isn’t gluttony a sin? 😉

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    1. Island of peace ! I love that ….may I use that for the title of my post on the church ? Shout out to K …promise !
      Agree the juxtaposition is there for all to see ….peace inside and chaos out !!
      Didn’t you already know that I am a greedy girl , beyond redemption 😦

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      1. Haha ! Aurat is good too . Suits the chronological age 🙂 Mulgi goes more with my mental age ! Lol
        I think I am going to do a post series names haurat mulgi / Aurat ….lol


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