A place I call home

Far away from sea and sand,

where unfamiliar sounds

break the monotony of silence,

is a place I call home .

A fallen cashew apple

Where coconut palms sway

to a river’s melodious murmur

and trees are laden with cashew apples

is a place I call home.

The river in my village , where I learnt to swim

Where flowers enchant in the day

and sunsets paint the sky in different hues

Where stars descend as fireflies

is a place I call home.


Where embraces are warm

and smiles aren’t fake

Where hands have learnt to give

more than they will take .


Where songs tell stories

and time stands still

Is a quaint place I call home

and I always will.


Although born and bred in Bombay , I have alaways felt more at home in the quiet , almost obscure village in Goa where most of my family lives. This one is for home.



41 thoughts on “A place I call home

      1. My uncle built another house behind the original ancestral home in Goa , cutting down trees and plants that my grandpa had nurtured for half a century or more, I know what you mean when you say a part of you was wiped away. Hugs and have a nice day !

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    1. Thank you so much , D. This one is very special to me . Am glad you liked the pictures .
      That line that you picked , I think you would have noticed that about village folk too . Such simplicity and generosity are rare to find in metros like Bombay .

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      1. I know what you mean . I have been struggling to love Bombay for a while now . It isn’t the same city that I once knew . I hope some day I can live in a more peaceful place 🙂 until then , Bombay it is !

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      2. Haha , you ‘ll be surprised 🙂 I’d love the bucolic life there , I spent most of my holidays for 20 years in the village , drawing water from the well , bathing in the river , no power etc etc . Even now for four days , it was so different for my husband . No TV because of heavy rains , powers cuts , no cell phone network …but I was happy ! It may get to me after a few weeks , but anything to breathe pure air and be surrounded by green and more green !!!!

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