Sprouting surprises and wings !

Upturned pixie umbrellas or art on wings , you can find a little something to marvel at each time you take a walk in the Maharashtra Nature Park , Mumbai !

Upturned pixie umbrellas
Never seen this one before …like the tree sprouted a giant ear
For some sunshine in the rain !
Happiness is spotting a flying flower !

41 thoughts on “Sprouting surprises and wings !

    1. Thank you Aishwarya . Your comment brought a smile to my face and a song to my mind …He never said there’d always be sunshine , He never said there’d be no rain ……
      One of the songs I had the choir sing at my wedding nuptial 🙂 Have a lovely day !

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      1. I will check online again , may be some clarity . I did pick up a couple of books on birds and butterflies found in the park , but there wasn’t anything on mushrooms .
        You are right about the difference in mushrooms . I have a picture of another mushroom which I found in Pelling but it’s not very clear . Beautiful one that too .

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      1. Haha I have given up on the eccentricities of WP 😦
        I must have followed / unfollowed/ subscribed …blah blah two dozen times to some of my favourite bloggers and still don’t get notifications !!! Lol

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