Umbrellas for woodland fairies?

Mushrooming surprises !DSC_0946.JPG




50 thoughts on “Umbrellas for woodland fairies?

      1. Nahiiiiiiii ( drama queen act full swing )
        Now I want nalli nihari and some kebabs from Bade Miya or some piping hot biryani from Baghdadi or jj jalebis.
        Just you wait now …..tomorrow’s post for you 🙂 hahaha

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      2. Pre date me ? Ah ! Am doing a spring chicken dance now 🙂
        Am heading to Mahim or mohd Ali road tonight for some iftar. just mentioning kheema sammies has given me the push 🙂 my Dr will cringe and scowl , but blah !

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      3. Damn the doctor, I say! I’m refraining coz we’ve only gotten back last week from an almost month long vacay where I’ve gorged on all things nice-but-weight-and-cholesterol-unfriendly 🙂

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      1. Figured. I’ve see these in Himachal during the rainy season. When we were in Sikkim, we passed Pelling and stopped for a meal though couldn’t explore much since it was raining and we had to get back to Beomik, via the Singshore bridge. At the cost of repeating myself, Sikkim’s heaven!

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  1. Wow i am always fascinated with mushrooms and imagining small tiny fairies around a toad stool or a tiny toad himsslf in just soo fascinating..😍😍😍You took me back to my childhood…love the pics..😇😇😇

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    1. Thanks for that lovely and warm comment . It means much when wonderful people like you not just hit the likes but also observe the transition and take time out to encourage . Am glad the pictures are more colourful and infused freshness into the blog 🙂 Thanks a ton !

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    1. Thank you . Am glad the post could conjure up such images ! What’s life without a little imagintaion !
      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I am still a beginner , can’t tell one mode from another , but am trying !

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