Homespun Hammocks

Where’s spidey?
With a floral canopy !

A new found fascination with silken wonders from spider spinnerets 🙂 These are from Darjeeling , just outside the window of my room.




When the warmth of your gaze

like the fiery sun rays

leaves my cheeks scarlet

and when your fingers

brush against me zephyrlike

fiery blossoms burst within

How can I hide that radiance?

How can you not know this gleam?

It is you that shines through me.

( For Ryan , I am so grateful for the gift of you in my life)





Prinsep Ghat:Peace is a place

Was it the Hooghly river singing a lullaby or those boatmen at work , oblivious to the passage of time? Something about that evening was tranquil, dreamy clouds had just passed by and even the Vidyasagar bridge looked slumberous somehow . A soothing song and a few pictures from that quiet evening in Kolkata….

The Palladian Porch in memory of James Prinsep – an Anglo Indian Scholar
Fixing his net
Vidyasagar bridge
People enjoying a boat ride

I remember seeing glimpses of this place in a Hindi movie ‘Parineeta’ and the song that has been shot against the backdrop of this ghat is a melodious number that I am sharing .

Have a happy weekend all !

Darjeeling’s Menagerie

Bharal or Himalayan Blue Sheep
Bear hugs anyone ?
Black Panther – Beauty !
Clouded Leopard – all cuddled up !
The Himalayan Goral
Himalayan Wolf
Common Leopard

Seeing a black panther was reason enough for me to venture out to the zoo on a very wet and dark day in Darjeeling. While the black panther was a sight to behold , it was a bonanza to see so many other animals that I had only read about earlier. Sharing a few pictures .








In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous – Aristotle

This is one of my favourite quotes. Some nature walks have sprung pleasant surprises and filled me with awe. Sharing a few pictures. Have a happy weekend !

dragon fly
Fragile wings
Parrots in their hideout
Saw this outside my house in Goa last week , don’t know what it’s called.
This one has been a pleasant surprise in the garden of our housing society here in Bombay .Don’t know the name , but it looks lovely !





Tsomgo Lake – A glacial gift

A treacherous road , rugged montains , a pristine glacial lake that changes colour , almost like a crystal ball that Lamas used to look into and predict the weather conditions ! Tsomgo Lake , just about 40 km away from Gangtok , the capital of Sikkim , with its placid waters , is a gem at an elevation of 12,300 ft . Playing in the snow on the way up , the yaks near the lake and seeing a Brahmini duck just a few feet away , this is one day I will never forget. Am sharing a few pictures , I hope you like them.

Perilous way up


From a distance – lake tsomgo
Blue meets brown
Brahminy Duck !!!!
Taking a walk around the lake
Colourful horns !

— From the Sikkim Diaries

Mosaic in the Mirror

An assemblage of fragments

Gazes from the mirror

Affixed pieces in sepia

Of memories left behind

Shades of delirious blue

Mingled with searing red

Tokens of agony and rapture

Smoky grey bits that echo

Moments of doubt

Black traces of roads that once

Led down into an abyss

Streaks of yellow celebrating

Moments of triumph

Gilded remnants of endurance

After bouts of resignation

That beautiful visage

Broken but not bland

A work of art in progress.