Denuded by a raging storm

Defying the turbulent sea

Bare limbs unearth endurance

As it continues to be

Jaded and tempest-tossed

It refuses to give in

There’s calm beyond billowy clouds, it knows,

There’s hope rooted deep within.

— Pri ( Pic from Carter Road  , Bombay)


42 thoughts on “Hope

      1. mmm ..almost like water was poured from big buckets over the windshield.. junctions meeting points of rivulets, like a delta, Rain locked in more like it, didn’t step out much! lol at gum boots!

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      1. I always read beyond and between the lines my dear. I thought you were away otherwise I would have looked out for you. I’ve been a bit restless myself but I’m working through it. Just keep realising as you must do that priorities sometimes have to change. I visited a former colleague of mine today who recently had a major operation. I was amazed by how she was setting little goals for herself on things I take for granted. So I can only wish you well and my hope for you is one of mind over matter which I think you have expressed very well in your poem. On a lighter note, I see the good catholic girl – did you hide the naughty one? 😀😀

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      2. I wish the restlessness eases out and you find calm again . I know you always manage to read through all the layers , it was redundant of me to state that 🙂 The Catholic values are slowly resurfacing ..hehe :)am not sure how long the impish side can be quelled , but my mom is praying hard …lol

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