Of Mai and Lullabies

‘Nana’ or ‘Granny’ or ‘Grandma’ , I could have called her , like her other grandchildren do, but I chose to call her Mai ( which means Mother in Konkani). She longed for a daughter , but that wasn’t meant to be. When I was born , she was thrilled and she became my Mai. The first time I wrote a few lines on ‘ my mother ‘ , they were lines about Mai . Of how I adored her, of how she had the sweetest voice , of how she could sing Hindi and Konkani songs all day , of how brilliantly she could cook a feast with ease , of how I wanted to be like Mai.

She’s 85 now and still manages to sing a few lines 🙂  When I’d refuse to sleep , when the asthma attacks took a toll on me , when I’d have nightmares ..she was there . I’d request her to sing , and her magical voice would drive away my fears and pain , and I’d drift off to sleep in her arms .

I remember a Konkani song and 2  Hindi songs from movies  that I would repeatedly request for ..sharing them.

Thank you H , your prompt today brought back lovely memories 🙂




15 thoughts on “Of Mai and Lullabies

  1. And m saving this post..
    So that whenever I get annoyed with her and shout for not eating on time and stuff..il read this post and l will try and be more patient and understanding..😔🙈🙈🙈

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