Wat -er -fall in love day !

A two-week trip was coming to an end and I was feeling glum . My low-spirited heart began to cheer up as I entered North Sikkim .  They were everywhere , some trickles , some torrents , rushing and gushing !  I began humming a few of my favourites , forgetting that those buzzy waterfalls and the fresh air would soon be things of the past , the city , it’s traffic flow and stale air were waiting on the other side .

Sharing a few pics from that lovely day .

Namchan Waterfall


Milky …somewhere on the way to Phodong
Driving past so many !



Seven Sisters waterfall

— From the Sikkim Diaries 🙂


14 thoughts on “Wat -er -fall in love day !

      1. No Mukul , I was in a bad phase and wasn’t myself for a long time . Kept taking erratic breaks from the blog too . I missed out . My bad really . Anyway , I hope this new stint is a better one now 🙂

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