Himalayan Palm Civet

Lithe and one that prefers solitude , this one is also called ‘gem- faced’ civet.


This particular one remained hidden behind the trees for quite a while . Just when I was almost convinced that I’d not see it at all,  it decided to come out of hiding for a fleeting moment and then scampered out of sight 🙂 What a gem !


Eyes popping out 🙂

From the Sikkim diaries 🙂








34 thoughts on “Himalayan Palm Civet

      1. Then I am a very lucky girl , I’d say. I think there were primulas outside the hotel I was staying in . Yaks I saw and the Yeti , well he waved at me ( really !) on my way to Tsomgo Lake 🙂 hahah

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      2. This spring chicken (to quote you ..lol) can’t stay in the coop called Bombay for long , you should know . She can spring up any where , any time 🙂 …haha . Btw the last monsoon , we nearly crossed paths in mahabaleshwar …….This year sikkim. ….where’s your next journey taking you ?

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      1. That’s a scary one . I’d pass too 🙂 Gosh ! who can tell what lies beneath the cute mask . This one is also called the masked palm civet , now if that is any hint ! So , yeah , cute but may be not so cuddly ! Lol.

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