Sikkim diaries : Seeing red pandas !

It has been a while since I posted from my travel diaries. It is only fair to begin with the most recent trip to the second smallest state of India – Sikkim:) . This is going to be a long series 🙂



Arguably one of the most picturesque states of India ,  Sikkim is enchanting . The mighty Kangchenjunga , breathtaking waterfalls , rare wildlife, quaint monasteries and verdant hills make this a perfect escape for those seeking a non-touristy experience . Gangtok , the capital and largest town of Sikkim , is the most visited place and ridiculously crowded . What a relief it was to dodge the multitudes thronging the Ganesh tok temple and visit the Himalayan Zoological Park, across the road, to see the state animal of Sikkim , the red pandas !

Look at that tail
All curled up . Siesta time 🙂
Wondering whether or not to get out and enjoy the drizzle .

These reddish-brown furry creatures are delightful to watch. The park has a breeding centre for these endangered animals too . Meet the red pandas !

— Pri



25 thoughts on “Sikkim diaries : Seeing red pandas !

      1. Noted 🙂 Hardy you’d mentioned
        earlier . Your review of Sam Miller’s book , it was so riveting . I have to read it .
        Again , why are you not writing professionally ?
        And why are you not driving already ?

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