Bake , Love , Heal :)

Am not sure if this is where I come back to being a regular blogger , but I felt like a post today , so here I am. Thank you Nee , Chev , Theeraj , K , Freda and Ishu for checking on me , the messages and the concern . I hope to catch up soon.

I baked a special cake for a very special aunt , my godma . The wittiest of them all , a smile that soothes , the life of parties , the favourite in the family and above all a fighter !

Four months after a fairy tale wedding ,  the handsome sailor left never to return . Godma waited and so did the rest of us , hoping and praying he’d come back . He never did . He did leave us with something to look forward to… a baby was to be born in a few months. I saw Godma weeping, breaking , praying and then picking up the pieces . It has been 21 years since my cousin was born , since the sailor chose to never look back and all these years she’s still spreading joy , love and touching lives with her generosity .She’s my friend , understands my madness , stays up with me all night when we have sleep overs and has heard me out right from those silly crushes in school to the more intense relationships and feelings that have left me distraught.

My biggest grouse of having the silliest pet name ‘Pinky’ ( ouch ouch ouch) has a lot to do with her and I don’t know why she insists that I should tie my hair neatly but I love her so much !

‘Back to school’ was the theme of her party and I wanted to make it special for her . I received a sweet message from her late last night and it made me happy that she loved it all.

As I was making the crayons for the cake , I did have a white one ready too. Didn’t put it on the cake though . An epiphany of sorts …felt like that was me ….a white crayon…desperately trying to fit into someone’s life , only to be as irrelevant as a white crayon….whose presence or absence doesn’t make much of a difference .

Like dad awlays says  ‘ Like godma , like godchild ‘ .  She held it together and so will I .

Until the next time ..bake , love and heal 🙂

— Pri






23 thoughts on “Bake , Love , Heal :)

  1. It’s good to see you again Pri. I have this favorite author called SARK – you can google her if you haven’t heard of her. Her books are all written in the form of handwriting in colorful crayons. She writes simply and deliciously about how to get ourselves out of binds particularly as women. One of my mantras is to live life in full color – don’t always stick to it but I try. There’s a lesson in your Godma’s story. But then, I once was a teacher so I see lessons in everything 😀 Think about it for a moment – “What would Living in full color mean for you – even in small everyday thing”

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    1. Thanks Chev , I will look it up . There are so many lessons in Godma’s story that I have learnt. That’s a question I’ve asked myself so many times , jotted down answers and then torn those pages when it has all seemed like a vain exercise , but I know what you mean . Life’s like that ! I am in a happy and relaxed space right now , only need to shake myself out of the occasional moments of self doubt . Thank you for all your comments and being there 🙂

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  2. Pri it’s very very good to see you back, I am in a hurry not reading the post right now. Saw your name while surfing reader and couldn’t resist. Please know you’re being missed deeply, and your regular presence around is very much awaited. Please take care and catch ya soon.

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    1. Hi D , how have you been ? Your kids must be enjoying the last of their school break 🙂 Did you go out with family ? I am so grateful for your time and you stopping by to comment 🙂 Am not really back but I hope to be soon . Thank you for that warm message . Bless you !

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      1. Life goes on. Not much of enjoyment as it has been way too hot. Today being last of the vacation day so occupied with them. Haven’t you already taken enough time to ressurect yourself? Hope the soon is pretty soon. Thanks and you too stay blessed 🙏😇😊

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    1. Am grateful D. Thank you . Am still contemplating if I should continue with this blog or may start afresh .I can’t write anymore , words have become elusive 🙂 Travel , reading and baking seem therapeutic now . I will stay in touch though .

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      1. Even if you start afresh you’re going to remain the same, may be the memories attached will not haunt, your choice. Whatever you do, stay in touch. I’m sure it’s a passing phase and soon you’ll start finding words again Pri, keep the therapy on and soon you’ll be amongst words. Stay blessed 🙏😇😊

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    2. True ! You hit the nail on the head 🙂 This is in fact my second attempt at blogging , shut the earlier one impulsively and then this was born 🙂 what makes it tough is that am not fighting memories but something more real , alive and active 🙂
      Lol . Am glad to have found people like you . Words will befriend me soon , maybe . Until then , I ‘ll make do with pictures and baking 🙂

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      1. One thing I surely know is you’re very strong so may it be memories or reality that you’re fighting you’ll get through it. All the best. Will be eagerly awaiting for the lovely pics and wonderful delicacies, will check the Oreo cake too at ease later in the day.


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