Make them thine

Every tone and tint

Bold and bright

Deep or dusty

Mellow or light

That I hold

In this heart of mine

I offer you , Lord

Make them thine .




Denuded by a raging storm

Defying the turbulent sea

Bare limbs unearth endurance

As it continues to be

Jaded and tempest-tossed

It refuses to give in

There’s calm beyond billowy clouds, it knows,

There’s hope rooted deep within.

— Pri ( Pic from Carter Road  , Bombay)

Of Mai and Lullabies

‘Nana’ or ‘Granny’ or ‘Grandma’ , I could have called her , like her other grandchildren do, but I chose to call her Mai ( which means Mother in Konkani). She longed for a daughter , but that wasn’t meant to be. When I was born , she was thrilled and she became my Mai. The first time I wrote a few lines on ‘ my mother ‘ , they were lines about Mai . Of how I adored her, of how she had the sweetest voice , of how she could sing Hindi and Konkani songs all day , of how brilliantly she could cook a feast with ease , of how I wanted to be like Mai.

She’s 85 now and still manages to sing a few lines 🙂  When I’d refuse to sleep , when the asthma attacks took a toll on me , when I’d have nightmares ..she was there . I’d request her to sing , and her magical voice would drive away my fears and pain , and I’d drift off to sleep in her arms .

I remember a Konkani song and 2  Hindi songs from movies  that I would repeatedly request for ..sharing them.

Thank you H , your prompt today brought back lovely memories 🙂



Rainbow circles

The last time I wore glass bangles was twenty  years ago !! My grandma , who lived with us at the time , loved buying them for me and I had a vast collection . The Chudi wala ( bangle seller ) would musically announce his arrival , calling out ‘chudi le lo’ ,  we’d ask him to come up to our home on the first floor and I’d select the ones I wanted or we’d find a bangle seller sitting with a basket of bangles in the market and buy  a dozen or more !

Then my grandma moved to Goa and my love for bangles gradually disappeared.

Chudi le lo

Today , I happened to see a bangle seller  with those vibrant rainbow circles of glass and I just had to click a picture . Couldn’t get out of the car to get a better shot , but this brought back some wonderful colourful memories.

Happy days 🙂

Unfinished Songs

Snippets from conversations

Are lyrics to my songs

Notes on ledger lines

For those feelings oh so strong

Notes written on the staff

For the times it all seemed right

And rests for all the silence

Between those silly fights

Sharps and flats find a place

Like all the smiles and tears

Dotted notes in salty puddles

For when minutes felt like years

Blotted sheets all put away

Hoping none will find

The unfinished songs I write

Each time you cross my mind.

— Pri

Hide and Seek with a Stag…

….in Mumbai !

Most weekends when we are in the city , Ry and I head out to Aarey colony or to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali. These are from the last visit to the National Park. I’d never thought I’d spot a stag this close and that he’d be kind enough to let me click a few pictures before he disappeared into the forest .

I thought I saw something move and I wasn’t wrong
I am spotted !
After a bit of  a chase
Straight into the camera
Parting shot
Time to go home