No halo for me ….but a break for sure !

I should have probably written a poem but have been too tired ( thinking , thinking , thinking ) to do that . So , I ‘ll post a song instead by Tracy Chapman ( again !!!!) .

I don’t have a halo or a white robe and am definitely not an angel . Am just perfectly human , with my strengths and weaknesses , my fears and follies , my smiles and tears and lots of madness ! I need a few peaceful nights !

My dad always told me I was too naïve and I should learn to lie sometimes, to hide what I really feel and not wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s never too late to learn , no ? Until I learn a little of that , I’ll be on a break .. a month or more may be …no mishmash in your reader and I may not be able to like all the wonderful posts I have been enjoying ! I will try though .See you on the other side lovelies !!!

Nee ,Chev , K , Sonia , Aishwarya , Ishu, ,Freda , Loretta , Erhynireh , Nitin , Thee Raj ( hahah) and all those who’ve given this blog so much love and support …..hope you guys are still around when I am back 🙂 Love and hugs

Unsung Psalm

There would be psalms sung by a choir
I would have a white robe a halo newly acquired
I’d be at peace and I’d have no desire
If I’d lived right

There would be cherubs with tiny harps arrows and bows
I’d have a halo and a flowing white robe
I’d be enfolded by a celestial light
If I’d lived right

But I’m feeling hot and bothered under the collar
I feel the sweat breaking out on my brow
I feel the heat and I know it’s the passion
The love I can’t disavow

If this is a dream wake me up now
If this is a movie let’s edit these scenes out
It would be a PG instead of an X-rated life
If I’d lived right

Some would call me a cheat call me a liar
Say that I’ve been defeated by the basest desired
Yes I have strayed and succumbed to my vices
But I tried to live right

But I have no regrets no guilt in my heart
I only feel sadness for any pain that I’ve caused
I guess I wouldn’t bother to worry at all
If I’d lived right

Do you live by the book do you play by the rules?
Do you care what is thought by others about you?
If this day is all that is promised to you
Do you life for the future the present the past?

If there is one thing I know I know I will die
If anyone cares some stranger may critique my life
I may be revered or defamed and decried
But I tried to live right

There would be psalms sung by a choir
I would have a white robe a halo newly acquired
I’d be at peace and I’d have no desire
If I’d lived right

— that mishmash



21 thoughts on “No halo for me ….but a break for sure !

  1. Sometimes, the words we need to hear are the words of one who walked before you. As a Writer, I Love to read the words written by writer’s from many genres. Music lyrics are poems written by heartbeats and translated into notes. Sometimes, the two have to be separated to get the full effect.


  2. I forgive you for being human, everyone peeking in and reading this is human. I am human, we can only try to right wrongs once they are made. Sometimes, we gotta let go of one choice to have what is really needed. And, sometimes, it is too damned hard to decide the right answers and impulse takes over. Life is too Damned Short for Regret. Write it and I will read it maybe not when posted. But, I will catch up. The pen is a wonderful counselor.


  3. Thehungryballer

    We will be here…as long as you do return 🙂
    Hope this break refreshes you and solves all your problems..
    My best wishes and thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ishu , thanks a zillion for this . I am overwhelmed and humbled . My blog is an award free one , as mentioned in the about section. I hope you understand that I will have to pass , but know this that meeting wonderful people like you is more rewarding than any award I could ever receive . You have been a great support to me. With love and gratitude – Pri.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thehungryballer

        Oops ! sorry I wasn’t aware of yours being an award-free blog. But still 😀 😀 thank you for such overwhelming comments

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You know I prayed for you so many times Nee . It’s weird I don’t know yo personally , yet I can never forget you . I miss your funny posts too and all those comments and icons and smileys. Sending you a big big big hug 🙂

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    1. Hi Chev , just back for a fleeting post between two breaks I guess. Am not sure if coming back is good for me , am still figuring that out . I have been good , travelling , baking and doing things I love . Know that I miss you tons. My love and hugs 🙂 Pri

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      1. It’s so good to see you Pri and to know that you are keeping well. I think you need to do what’s good for you and those around you. Take care of yourself and lots of hugs right back at you. It would be a loss to some of us if you didn’t come back but hey – life is always about choices. Thank you in the meanwhile for your friendship!💝💝

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      2. Thank you Chev. It feels good to know I did find a few kindred souls in this world of blogging who shared similar passions and interests . I miss your music and your writing . I hope to come back , but can’t state it with certitude for now . Thank you for your friendship and those exchanges . They’ve been rays of sunlight driving away my blues on so many dark days 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday , Chev 🙂

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      3. Thank you my dear – not sure what I did to earn it except that I do believe in kindred spirits and everything in its time.There in good and bad in the fact that our lives are always in flux and it helps to ride with the tide than against it. If nothing else read my 100 word story. It’s a very personal one and the words just came to me and somehow I believe there are many lessons there for me and others who can relate somehow.

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      4. I will . Just after I feel less guilty and stupid about posting what I just did . I wish I knew how to let people be and not get stirred . Gosh ! Easier said than done . Please send me the link to the story . Will read it in a bit .

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