Don’t fear for me

I used to sit by the shore

building sand castles

distant from the currents

with those who said they cared.

Some dived into the ocean

and swam beyond the horizon

others walked with me

listening to my stories

and telling me theirs

until I drove them away.

Some kissed and caressed

like the sea breeze , others

were afraid of my weather-beaten face.

Then one day I disrobed

my shame , guilt and fears left on the verge

the ocean embraced me

dancing as I sang wild songs

consuming my tears , cleaning my wounds

Barren and bare , I didn’t fear anymore.

Some swim alongside, then they leave

but the pain ebbs with the tide.

Don’t fear for me , swim with me

if you wish to , but don’t fear for me

Don’t fear for me , swim with me

for as long as you want to , but don’t fear for me.

— that mishmash

37 thoughts on “Don’t fear for me

  1. This piece was deep, I interpreted the piece as a “goodbye”, the “don’t fear for me” was because the reader was to presume that the deceased is now at peace. Excellent writing, and I am now following you. Please take the time to come read some of our quirky pieces over at Gastradamus whose sole purpose is to make you smile.

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