No scoops of vanilla for afters

served cold and bland

Sizzling death by chocolate, please

sinful treats to wonderland .

— that mishmash



19 thoughts on “Decadent

  1. I don’t mind mixing my sweet and savoury so Ice cream and… and…served with pancake – yeah they only serve that in Disney land. Perhaps we should trade recipes:-) Very clever metaphor. If you continue with this decadence, might need to send you back to the convent school. Better still, one of those missionary stations 😜😜😜

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    1. Thank heavens someone got the implied meaning …lol and I knew you would 🙂
      My indulgences are shaming my catechism values …lol . Beyond redemption !!!! I like the use of the word ‘missionary ‘ ….clever clever clever chev.

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      1. Oh, you’re sharp,I knew you would. We’re probably in the same boat,China:-) Well I guess if you write poetry you use words in all kinds of ways …. then again this subject makes the rounds amongst my friends and in the end most give up and accept their chocolate ice cream – the sooner it melts the better Lol . Otherwise, you gotta make your own the way you like it. I think a finishing school is needed…..

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