Captions Please !

Took this picture a few nights ago. Any captions ? Any thoughts ?

— that mishmash

Update : Thank you to all those who shared their thoughts and captions 🙂 It means much:) Loved all the varied responses !

Now , here’s the real deal. This is a picture of a lamp in my bedroom below which is a vase with some wooden swirls. I clicked the picture from below the lamp and voila , I was pretty happy with the effect !

— that mishmash


49 thoughts on “Captions Please !

      1. Thehungryballer

        Haha ! I thought since, the sun or moon or venus (whatever it is) seems so close but in reality is so far….then this caption might invoke multiple emotions and meanings.

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      2. Thehungryballer

        No..see ! I’m quite confused what this is actually..’cause you mentioned you took the snap “at night”, during dusk, sometimes the moon appears reddish as well…and for all I know, it can be a close up shot of lamp through the bushes (lol)

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      1. 😀 Ah, it doesn’t sound as creative/poetic as everyone else’s suggestion. I’ve been studying it an have an impression of looking up from under the ground as if it were a manhole. I’ll be patient and see your answer tomorrow 🙂

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