And I say thank you for the music !

It is a surprise birthday party for my first jive partner , my first piano teacher and the one who pampered me spoilt when I was a kid – my Godpa !

We all have our favourite uncles and aunts , the ones whom we can confide in , the ones who influence us more than others. I still remember the first keyboard I received as a present , I must have been 3 years old and a photograph of my uncle playing ,with a note written behind the picture ‘ Darling Pinky , one day I hope you play better than your Godpa’ .


Although I was gifted a piano a few years later , that first keyboard with those words ( which I couldn’t read then but my mum preserved that picture for me !!!!) remains extremely special !

I baked Godpa a cake , my attempt to tell him that he was my biggest motivator and gifted me , in some  way , the love for music!  Happy Birthday Godpa !

— that mishmash


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