Allergic to compliments ?

There were times when a sincere compliment meant getting a smile back or a thank you or may be a hug  ( if the person was an enthusiastic cutlet as we’d call them). Times have changed though.

I have been brought up among people who are expressive , if they love something about another , they’ll say it and say it loud and clear , with a hug and a kiss !

Am learning that’s not normal at all !! So , hey to those that can take a compliment or two , I want to tell you I am so glad that not all are allergic and to those that are allergic , I am sorry .

If you can’t give a compliment , that’s cool but taking one shouldn’t be so painful .

— that mishmash


25 thoughts on “Allergic to compliments ?

    1. Thanks Tiffany . I have been through that struggle too , may not have been as severe a struggle as some others would have had though. I do feel it also takes a lot for someone to make an effort to give someone a genuine compliment about their work , not just a generic word but true appreciation. If that person cannot accept it for what it is , that’s fine too , but I only wish they’d understand, the other person may have his /her own pain and struggles too 🙂 I thank you for your sharing . Much love , Pri

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      1. Oh, I don’t believe that others always hurt out of malice. It’s my belief that hurt people end up hitting others, out of their own hurting. Now hoping we can change hurt to Love! Now that is healing! ❤️


    1. I wouldn’t call them aliens at all . They have their own pain and reasons to be a little dubious about ulterior motives probably , but it just hurts sometimes when nothing nice that is heartfelt and said is taken for what it really is . This post is a rant /vent .

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  1. Nícia

    I used to be allergic to compliments, because I was used to be humiliated. So, how could that compliment be sincere? I always took it as: you probably want something from me. As it was what most of the times happened.

    Fortunetely, I am past that: giving and receiving compliments naturally.

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    1. Thank you Nicia for that sharing. I understand that a person could have personal experiences that lead him/ her to doubt the sincerity of another’s compliment.
      I am glad that you have reached that phase where you can give and receive them with ease. Wishing you luck 🙂

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