Wonder Wall of Mumbai

This is the Tulsi pipe road  wall running along from Mahim to Dadar in Mumbai .

I am calling it the wonder wall cause it has once again become a canvas for artists and citizens to splash some colour and spread some love ! A long stretch of the white washed wall  still awaits happy paint brushes and I hope to go back in a month to check it out in its full glory , till then here’s what I saw a couple of days ago .

Enjoy !

The Dabawalas of Mumbai !
Kharokhar Majhi Satakli !
Flying past Mumbai’s manic streets
I want to break free !





Would love to know which one caught your fancy ?

— that mishmash


39 thoughts on “Wonder Wall of Mumbai

      1. I think street art is very interesting. That collection you posted tells a story if you look at them collectively. I remember looking at remnants of the Berlin wall when I visited there and one of the dominant features in lots of the graffiti art included “eyes” and of course that told a story. Art is most times a reflection/expression of its society. Now sing bird sing:-)

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      2. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts ! These were random pictures and yet , I know what you mean when you say that they tell a story. You are perceptive and intuitive ! Thank you , as always , for your fresh way of looking at things ! Keep that going !

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      3. I just have a curious,insatiable mind and have been lucky to see life from the ground below and the helicopter view. Believe when you pray and your prayers will be heard 🙂


  1. Wow! These paintings are incredible and speak volumes. I looked at them over and over at least five times. Absolutely stunning.

    I have a few friends who live in Mumbai and founded an orphanage. It’s an amazing city rich in color, history, and culture, but it breaks my heart at how many suffer there. I am passionate about all things Indian, but especially in the children, the impoverished, and those sold to traffickers. I was a victim of human trafficking, now an activist.

    I also have friends in Calcutta, Guntur, and Bengaluru. I work with a friend of mine whose organization helps support orphanages in these cities. My love for your country and her people is embedded deep within my heart.

    Thank you for liking my post. It afforded me the opportunity to find your riveting blog which I look forward to exploring more. .

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    1. Hi Nancy , am so glad you stopped by and am truly amazed with your story . I hope to continue reading about your journey .
      India is a wonderful country with so much to offer and a surprise at every nook and corner . Am glad that you have found my country and her people fascinating despite the problems that plague India right now.
      Mumbai is a melting pot of sorts and manic like no other place in the country . Am glad you have friends here who are working for a cause.
      I wish you luck in your work and hope you can touch lives with your story . Stay blessed and continue to inspire 🙂


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