Bubble wrap girl (Repost)

She’s transparent

Look through her

She’ll cushion and protect

You can bank on her

She’ll amuse and thrill

Pop her bit by bit

She may flinch and whimper

But don’t you quit

And when the fun’s over

You can throw her away

Cause a bubble wrap girl

Is never meant to stay

— that mishmash ( some feelings come back to haunt )




23 thoughts on “Bubble wrap girl (Repost)

    1. Hey Chev, I have none to blame but myself for being in this state of oscillating between extremes. School girlish naïve trusting is one of my follies …lol . Will learn though, it’s never too late !!!! The sun will shine , I have no doubt ! Thank you for reaching out . It means much: )

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      1. I’m sorry – wish I had more to offer than my cyber support. Fortunately I have a few very very special people in my life that I can have heart to hearts with and reciprocate. Hope you have too. take care. Best. Chevvy.

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