When you’ve stripped off

all the fancy lace

to find her flaws

and skin that’s grazed

When she gifts you her tears

from kohl smeared windows to her soul

and presents parts of herself

that never will be whole

Will you still love her

Or is it too much to ask for?

— that mishmash



29 thoughts on “Bare

  1. This was really great! We all wonder if someone will love us if they see all our hurts and scars and brokenness, if they’ll love us if they see past that perfect, sparkling face we show the world. This really hit home for me.

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    1. There is nothing more rewarding than having someone resonate with a part of oneself that one puts out in their work . Am truly grateful for your comment and for taking the time . Thank you for the encouragement and here’s hoping that people can look beyond the glitter and glam . 🙂


  2. dhirajanand

    Having a great day at WP today, started with reading excellent poem of Amit, then Nitin and Nivedita in the day and blissful evening with yours. Drenched in words.
    Wonderful again, pain expressed so subtly.

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    1. Dhiraj , I’d like to say , I have been having a rather melancholic day , trying to hold back a few tears and managed a faint smile earlier in the day when a fellow blogger Ishu left a sweet comment and now the second faint smile that you’ve managed to leave me with.
      Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement . God bless .

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      1. dhirajanand

        Faint mein majha nahi, it should be broad and lasting one 🙂
        Smiles won’t walk to you, you need to find excuses to smile. Stay blessed dear.

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