Goodnight Sweetheart

Tonight …

Aching words will spill out

from my brimming heart

and kisses blown in vain

to those lips that seldom part.

Tonight …

Unwearied eyes will weep

for one who cannot smile

and I’ll bask in the beauty

of my strength in being fragile.

— that mishmash



30 thoughts on “Goodnight Sweetheart

    1. Oh gosh ! You know me ? Or is it from what I mentioned to Loretta ! Am confused now !!!
      I sure will , although Hindi is not my strength . May I suggest a fantastic blogger who writes some exquisite Hindi couplets ? You’d probably find common ground there .

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      1. No, unless I’ve seen you without recognising you somewhere in Bandra!!!! Imbiss? And listen, my Hindi is embarrassingly bad, but I’ve tried hard and I’m confident enough to put up a four-liner! 😁

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      1. Not invasive . I thought it is obvious but anyway , it was written for one who I will hold precious in my heart till I am capable of loving . However , you know we can’t get what we always want, for then it would be Christmas forever and Santa would have died of burnout already !

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