Unsung Hero

A caged bird with clipped wings

Plaintive songs of distant dreams

With fingers like the gilded rays

And promises of buoyant days

An unknown hand unlocked the door

Soulful eyes followed as she soared

Exultant songs and frenzied flight

The saviour vanished in the dark of night.

— that mishmash



25 thoughts on “Unsung Hero

      1. I hope you can hold on to hope and the light of life . You deserve peace .
        Your frankness just took me back to my moments of utter hopelessness . Can’t say more than this but know you are not alone .
        Will read the poem in the evening. Just need to gather myself for a bit . Have a nice day.

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      2. if that is so then you ought to be one of the gladdest person on earth now (you have helped me that much) … thanks to you, along with 3-4 of my comrades of the quill, after almost 2 years I decided to use a bright colored theme for my blog… after much contemplation last night I thought I deserve some light… 🙂

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      3. Ah ! Really now ? I have to check that out in some time: )
        Am so happy for you and I feel so useful now . Am probably on a high right now ( without any spirits included ) for two reasons , one that I could make a difference and the other is being called by a name I thought my unsung hero had forgotten.

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      4. I’d love to be anything like him but I know that I never can . He saved me even when I caused him wounds and scars and broke him more than he already was, taking off without looking back only to beg his forgiveness and he redeemed me again. I am not so selfless . Thank you though ,AR. You are really really kind.

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