Eggsperimenting with chocolate !

Decided to try out little chocolate baskets with mini chocolate eggs to be given to our families this Easter . Of the six baskets we did , only two survived the heat 😦

The eggs could have been neater too , but this was fun and a true test of patience working with chocolate on a hot afternoon !

Here’s what we did  ….

300 grams of dark compound chocolate in the micro wave for about 40 seconds.

After it cooled down , a small glass bowl covered with foil was used as a basket mould and with my piping bag at work , the basket was ready to be chilled !

The first one after 15minutes in the fridge and carefully peeling off the foil !

For the mini eggs , simple fillings of rice crispies, white chocolate and crème.

Yummy crème … salted butter , liquid glucose and icing sugar

And finally all of it assembled ! Just added a little edible glitter and a few fondant flowers !



Happy Easter everyone ! Have a great day !Hugs !!!!

— that mishmash




28 thoughts on “Eggsperimenting with chocolate !

      1. dhirajanand

        Hahaha thought as much, I suppose the appreciation received overall would be worth all the efforts 😊
        It’s Dhiraj Anand, simple Dhiraj 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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