Soak in the colours of nature

Happy Holi ! May your lives be filled with colours of joy , love, friendship and peace.

The colours of nature have always made even the most mundane days seem magical for me . A few shots : )






mushrooms (2)

red flowers pink sky 2




— that mishmash



24 thoughts on “Soak in the colours of nature

  1. Oh I can see you’re having fun with your camera and producing really beautiful picture. You’re second to last picture which we called the bleeding heart brings feelings of nostalgia for the good days of my childhood when these were prolific in our garden:-)

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    1. Hi Chevvy ,some of these pictures are recent and some from various trips. You are lucky to have such fond memories of blooms in your garden. Most of my childhood was spent in the concrete jungle of Bombay . I’d wait to go to Goa , where my grandparents lived, to be one with nature .
      Have a nice day : )

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