Hot cross buns and nostalgia !

I still remember Lent and the rigorous fasting that my grandparents adhered to when I was a little girl. The pancakes on Shrove Tuesday prepared by my grandma and the hot cross buns that my grandpa bought from a group of ladies on Maundy Thursday marked the beginning and end of Lent for me .

Gradually , the hot cross buns vanished . For fifteen years or more , every Maundy Thursday , we would pick up regular bread or buns from the bakery to be blessed at mass . The family would then share this blessed bread during dinner.

Today , as I was passing a traditional East Indian  home in one of the Gaothans ( traditional villages in Mumbai) , an aunt who is an acquaintance called out to me from her window and asked me if I’d like to buy Easter eggs . I politely declined and asked her if she knew of any place from where I could get hot cross buns.  She smiled and invited me in and there they were ….hot cross buns ! Those warm memories flooding in ….of me holding papa’s hand as we’d walk back home with a bagful of freshly baked buns.

Today , for just a few moments , I was papa’s little girl again .



27 thoughts on “Hot cross buns and nostalgia !

    1. That makes two of us down memory lane ! I cannot tell you the joy of seeing these after 15 years ! I was actually singing out the rhyme ‘ hot cross buns ….’ all the way back home : )
      Thanks for stopping by : )

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      1. Expect The Exceptional

        There are so many things that come flooding back to my mind around the holidays. Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, Easter cake (fruit cake with icing and marzipan on it), Mars Easter eggs, the list is endless! I just have to make sure I stock up on these items when I visit the motherland!

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  1. Wow these look great!. In our neck of the woods hot cross buns are available all year around but everyone will be sure to have them with pickled fish or some sort of fish tomorrow. Interesting how traditions evolve and get dissociated from the original intent.

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    1. Lucky you ! I’d be thrilled if these were available through the year, but I’ll take what I get for now : )
      True , these are historically associated with Good Friday but the Eastern Roman Catholic Churches do things differently . People here observe the Black fast on Good Friday, so the buns are had on Maundy Thursday but am not complaining , as long as I have ’em !
      Have a blessed Good Friday tomorrow .

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  2. This really made me remember some of the stuff that I used to have in my childhood but not anymore (not cross buns though, but now as I’ve read it, I wouldn’t mind trying it too 😛 )

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    1. Am glad Nitin. Those little pleasures of childhood always make me nostalgic . I read once , we don’t really grow up but just give up on the fun of childhood . These little treats are nice ways of reliving some of those moments of bliss 😀

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