Shut up and let her be


Understand that it is a struggle for some …an exhausting struggle that takes every bit of physical and mental strength .

If you can’t understand , that is fine too . The least you can do is shut up and let her be .

She doesn’t need empty assurances  , poor you expressions and names of half a dozen doctors and remedies. A little understanding and a hug …maybe….

Oh and  she still has the right to have a good time in life !




15 thoughts on “Shut up and let her be

  1. I can relate. My sister have been married for about 10 years, they still don’t have any child. But I can see in her that she’s doing fine, I don’t know, maybe she’s good at hiding her true feelings or she chose to accept that they cannot have a child. They tried to seek treatment but gave up along the way.

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  2. Thehungryballer

    Hey ! I haven’t come across anyone with such situation yet, but you have my understanding and lots of hugs 🙂 ….and thanks a ton for letting me know what NOT to say to someone, when I actually meet them

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