Imbiss : MEATing out and kismi toffees !

Imbiss calls itself a  ‘ meating joint’ and they’ve picked an apt caption !

It packs a punch for the tiny place that it is !  Delectable meat dishes , generous portions and affordable prices , Imbiss is a fabulous place .

Caesar Salad


I dined at the Kalina branch and by the end of the meal , I must confess , I did pig out !

I have heard my sister and cousin raving about Imbiss , specifically about the pork spare ribs and the sausage platter , so it was no surprise that I wasted no time when it came to placing my order .

Pork ribs – ambrosia  !


The Pork ribs – yum , yum and  more yum ! Meat falling off the bone and the BBQ sauce – winners all the way !

The sausage platter with a mix of chicken and pork sausages and fries. For the first time the fries didn’t matter to me !

couldn’t bother to get good pictures ….with food like that you just want to dig in !


Skimming through the menu made me realize that my love affair has only just begun . I will be going back there to sample some more – quail , duck or may be rabbit ( Yes, they have all this on offer too !!!)


I skipped dessert and R did too ( SHOCKING !)  and just when I thought it couldn’t have been a better evening , kismi toffees accompanied the bill . I was squealing with delight because I hadn’t seen these in years . I used to love these when I was in primary school and didn’t know they were still available .

Imbiss just won brownie points ! Am going back soon …soon …soon!

— that mishmash


21 thoughts on “Imbiss : MEATing out and kismi toffees !

  1. The pork ribs look really sumptuous. What I’ve learnt though is that who you go with also determines the experience. Somehow the right company, good hearty conversation, lots of laughter are all part of the spice and sauces. Even the ambience of the place you’re dining at are part of the experience. Sometimes a simple plate of fish (straight from the sea) and chips could be delectable because its part of the laid back, hair down experience of a holiday for example – sorry I’ve run away with myself now:-)

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    1. You summed it up so well , Chevvy . I agree with every word you’ve said. This particular dinner was a special one , we were going out after a long time , the music they were playing was my kinda music and the overall ambience was just right , not too formal . The plate of fish you mentioned takes me back to a trip to Marina beach Chennai ..may be someday I shall post about that wonderful experience too. Have a wonderful weekend . Hugs : )

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      1. Oh you just sparked memories of special times I’ve had with different people. But this doesn’t take away from a good meal as you’ve described – it makes it all the more memorable. You have have yourself a great weekend too! 🌷

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  2. Thehungryballer

    My my ….I can’t really bother with thanking you for this post right now…I AM HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THAT DISH (feature image)… 😉 Please tell me in which city ??? I’m dying to know…….

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