I’m not beautiful like you…

I am beautiful like ME ! Read this today and felt an instant connection.

I cannot be all that the world wants me to be . I did try but I wasn’t happy and they weren’t either . So , I will be what I want to be , atleast that way I am happy and that is what matters most to me right now.

So , mum and dad …this is me .. am standing by my career choices, my whimsical ways and will continue to wear my heart on my sleeve 🙂

Que sera sera

— that mishmash



18 thoughts on “I’m not beautiful like you…

  1. Atta girl!👏
    “The best way to be original is just be yourself.💋” -Paulo Coelho

    Being yourself and to follow what you really want will give you the happiness you deserve!😘


    1. Hi sweety . Thanks for thinking of me . However , as I have mentioned in my ‘about’ page , I am quite a lazy person to do challenges (Lol) . Am keeping this blog award / challenge free and therefore , I will pass. I hope you understand. Hugs .

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      1. At least I gave it a shot!😁 I love the honesty, thank you..😉 and even if I know you would say pass, I will still nominate you for certain awards, but you don’ have to do it..😊 (LOL!😅 just kidding..) won’t bother you with stuffs like this…😉 just don’t mark me spam…hahaha😂 I hate being marked as spam…thanks love!😍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hehe ! I’d never spam you . You can continue nominating me …who doesn’t like a little attention ? LOL . May be someday I’ll stop being a lazy bum and take up a challenge . Hugs and love !

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I really appreciate you being so honest, yup! I really think if awards would come I would still nominate you, even if you won’ do it..haha👄
        You can take credit to my latest post, I needed to spill it..💋✌ thank you dear..😍


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