Some people are like the sun …

…the warmth they exude attracts you and when they go, there is darkness , but you cannot get too close to them for they are meant to be revered from a distance — that mishmash

Sunshine ,

There’s so much conflict when we try to communicate , it has gotten me thinking . It is not eachother that we are fighting but something within ourselves and we both deserve peace.

Think of me as one in solitary confinement in a room with just a few holes in a tightly shut window ,  enough to let a few rays stream in and those will be my sunshine moments, enough to drive away the shadows.

You may not see me and know that I am around , but I’ll be there to admire you from a distance .

Keep Shining . Nothing and no one can lessen your luminance .

Love and hugs .

that mishmash



2 thoughts on “Some people are like the sun …

    1. Am sure the one I intended this for craves an explosive end , however I am not Sadist enough to want or wish that .
      Bad simile then . I’ll think of a better one the next time .
      I still will continue calling him sunshine cause that is what he is to me .

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