Let it flow

Andante or allegro , let it flow
Like crotchets or quavers , let if flow
Where there’s music , I will sing along
With my heart as the metronome for every song .

— that mishmash  (This was in response to a comment for one of my older posts. H, Thank you for the suggestion 🙂 )


Sand Sculpture Museum, Mysore

A relative travelling to Mysore wanted to know what she should definitely see and the first thing that came to my mind was the sand sculpture museum near Chamundi Hills.







It has been almost a year and a half since I visited this museum , but I still remember the incredible exhibits painstakingly and patiently sculpted by one artist  .  Am sharing a few pictures from the various themes the artist has worked on. Hope you like them !



Dedicated to Chamundeshwari , the Goddess after whom the Chamundi Hills have been named

The grandest of them all was the one depicting the Dussehra Procession that Mysore is famous for .



If you are in Mysore , this one deserves a visit . Happy travelling !

You can read about the museum and the artist here – http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/getting-creative-using-sand-and-water/article5960480.ece

— that mishmash

Eggsperimenting with chocolate !

Decided to try out little chocolate baskets with mini chocolate eggs to be given to our families this Easter . Of the six baskets we did , only two survived the heat 😦

The eggs could have been neater too , but this was fun and a true test of patience working with chocolate on a hot afternoon !

Here’s what we did  ….

300 grams of dark compound chocolate in the micro wave for about 40 seconds.

After it cooled down , a small glass bowl covered with foil was used as a basket mould and with my piping bag at work , the basket was ready to be chilled !

The first one after 15minutes in the fridge and carefully peeling off the foil !

For the mini eggs , simple fillings of rice crispies, white chocolate and crème.

Yummy crème … salted butter , liquid glucose and icing sugar

And finally all of it assembled ! Just added a little edible glitter and a few fondant flowers !



Happy Easter everyone ! Have a great day !Hugs !!!!

— that mishmash



Hot cross buns and nostalgia !

I still remember Lent and the rigorous fasting that my grandparents adhered to when I was a little girl. The pancakes on Shrove Tuesday prepared by my grandma and the hot cross buns that my grandpa bought from a group of ladies on Maundy Thursday marked the beginning and end of Lent for me .

Gradually , the hot cross buns vanished . For fifteen years or more , every Maundy Thursday , we would pick up regular bread or buns from the bakery to be blessed at mass . The family would then share this blessed bread during dinner.

Today , as I was passing a traditional East Indian  home in one of the Gaothans ( traditional villages in Mumbai) , an aunt who is an acquaintance called out to me from her window and asked me if I’d like to buy Easter eggs . I politely declined and asked her if she knew of any place from where I could get hot cross buns.  She smiled and invited me in and there they were ….hot cross buns ! Those warm memories flooding in ….of me holding papa’s hand as we’d walk back home with a bagful of freshly baked buns.

Today , for just a few moments , I was papa’s little girl again .



Wearing winged slippers

She drifts into buttermilk skies

Flutters around fragrant mosaics

Meanders through labyrinths of green

Dodges lofty peaks

Wanders over rainbow bridges

Chases sunbeams and stars that gleam

Wearing winged slippers

She floats into a world of her own.

—that mishmash : )  (  picture from Manali , India)