Until we met again
after 14 long years
I didn’t know that
the one who once left me broken
would help me begin to heal.

Dearest Dimpled Devil ,

If I knew then what I know now ,it wouldn’t have taken 14 years for me to hug you again and laugh about the silly things we did. We’ve moved on but I never found a footsie partner like you just as you never did find anyone whose singing made you fall so much in love with a song that you would hear it a hundred times over. First love is special, right?

…and when they said we were meant to be, I think now we know what they meant ….. we were meant to be ..not lovers but FRIENDS FOREVER.

Am glad we found each other again.

— that mishmash ( your coconut )

16 thoughts on “Retrouvailles

    1. Well , yes I could . It was school love and then I met Ryan , a decade older than me and someone I could connect with completely , so while S remains special , I think I found what I was looking for 🙂
      Coconut ….I know !!!! No hairy exterior , I think the sweet kernel may be 🙂 lol

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