Bailando : Love is dancing like crazy

What is life without some crazy dancing ?

Love this number . I want to dance contigo…R !

Let me know which is that one song that makes you want to keep dancing and I may get a new number to spin to.

Have a crazy weekend all !


20 thoughts on “Bailando : Love is dancing like crazy

    1. Hey Sanskriti !!! Thank you . This is one number that has everyone coming on to the dance floor here in Mumbai at weddings and parties . I play it so many times each day and never tire of dancing to it ! Hugs and keep dancing !

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  1. Just love this song too, and can watch this video again and again. I remember posting it on my FB page sometime last year. Love the Saturday Night Music songs too, I love watching John Travolta and also Patrick Swazye dance to Dirty Dancing. Love, love, love dancing myself, I can just imagine the dance floors in Mumbai. The Bollywood movies are such fun to watch too, I’ve watched just a few as I don’t understand the language.

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    1. Wow !!! John Trovolta and ofcourse dirty dancing !! Thank you so much Loretta for sharing your favourites .Bailando has become an addiction for me now . I don’t watch a lot of bollywood but yes they are vibrant and some of the music there is fantastic too . Have a lovely sunday .


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