Do it when I am alive …..

Don’t wait till I am dead and gone to take an off and mourn my loss ,  instead be with me NOW and hold my hand letting me know I am not alone.

Don’t wait till I am gone to shed a few tears cause I won’t be there to see them and they won’t make a difference to me , instead try to give me reasons to smile NOW and that will make a world of a difference.

Don’t wait till I am six feet under to find the right words to be etched on my gravestone , instead find time to say a few kind words NOW so that I know that I make a difference.

Don’t wish that I had lived some more when it’s too late , instead become reasons for which I will want to live some more and please do it NOW.

— that mishmash ( to the one who reached out …..bless you )


6 thoughts on “Do it when I am alive …..

  1. Right now I happen to be feeling like “being six feet under,” but even so I could not express the words shared here. My feeling is that no one would care to know anyway. I am reaching out probably because I’m selfish; in extending my thoughts I am also being comforted that somewhere out there another human being might be feeling the same.

    It’s a difficult feeling, but it goes away anyway. And so I hope in doing this I let it pass me by, and also hope you’ll let yours pass you by. We look at them together, passing us by. A shared experience of humanity.

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    1. I would have probably been half way there had it not been for the one who reached out . ‘Loneliness can get you down ( probably even six feet under ) when you get to thinking no one cares ‘ I used to sing this line all the time .Who knew one could feel so lonely even in a crowd .
      I didn’t wish to write this at all cause who would care anyway ..true , but the tears and the screaming all alone were not helping so I thought I’d write . It is probably my way of attracting pity or finding solace in words of people who may not know me but are having similar experiences.
      In being selfish , you are not alone , we all are and should be too.
      Rest assured , you are not alone and I wish it passes away sooner than later . Wishing you peace and thank you for sharing .

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