Spin me a web of lies

Hey Hun,

Tell me that I am beautiful even with my puffy eyes and sallow skin.

Tell me you need me , even if just a little bit .

Tell me that you not asking me how I am doesn’t mean you don’t care for me.

Tell me that you miss me sometimes but just don’t let me know .

Tell me that you have a few compliments in mind but are saving them for a special day.

Tell me you want to grab me and kiss me and love me the way I want you to .

Tell me that you don’t want me to stop loving you .

Tell me that may be someday you will love me too.

Tell me that you will miss me when I am gone .

Tell me that I am not worthless.

…. because the truth hurts so much. Mercy , mercy please .

— that mishmash


23 thoughts on “Spin me a web of lies

  1. It’s good to you expressing yourself this way, it’s part of the therapy. Some of your lines strike a chord with me . I guess I’m learning that you have to first love yourself, forgive yourself etc to manage affairs of the heart. Keep the faith that things will work out for the best:-)

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    1. I have to learn to love myself again and that is not easy for me to do . I used to believe I was morally sound but my follies have exposed the ugly fact that I am not . Anyway , I am praying and I know someday I will find peace. Thanks Chevvy.

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      1. I have a very dear friend who always reminds me that the good and “bad” in your life happen to teach you something. When I’ve applied that mindset, It’s been easier to forgive myself and others. So what have you learnt that you can turn into a positive. Surprisingly, there is often a positive as well.:-) Have a lovely day!

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